IP case law Court of Justice

Art. 75 CTM Regulation

Decisions of the Office shall state the reasons on which they are based. They shall be based only on reasons or evidence on which the parties concerned have had on opportunity to present their comments.

10 appeals

Judgment of 20 Jun 2024, C-801/21 (EUIPO v Indo European Foods)

Order of 11 Sep 2018, C-542/17 (Allstate Insurance v EUIPO)

Order of 8 Sep 2016, C-309/15 (Real Express / OHMI - MIP Metro)

Order of 3 Jun 2015, C-142/14 (Sunrider Corporation)

Order of 14 Mar 2011, C-370/10 (Ravensburger - educa)

Order of 18 Mar 2010, C-282/09 (CFCMCEE)

Judgment of 17 Jul 2008, C-488/06 (L & D - Aire Limpio)

Order of 7 Jun 2007, C-216/10 (AirPlus - A+)

Judgment of 18 Jul 2006, C-214/05 (Sergio Rossi - SISSI ROSSI)

Judgment of 21 Oct 2004, C-447/02 (KWS Saat)