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About IPcuria.eu

Intellectual property law has been largely harmonized in the European Union, thanks to the many directives and regulations enacted over the past twenty years. In IP law, the Court of Justice of the European Union is the oracle and our oracle has been giving guidance at an ever increasing pace.

IPcuria's goal is to facilitate access to such case law, by compiling, in a freely accessible database, all decisions of the CJEU (in preliminary ruling procedures or in appeals).

Behind IPcuria are Stijn Debaene and Hakim Haouideg, IP lawyers at the Brussels office of Fieldfisher, representing clients before the Belgian, Benelux and EU Courts in IP cases.

Stijn Debaene

Hakim Haouideg

Like all IP practitioners in Europe, keeping up with the decisions of the CJEU in the field of IP is part of our daily activities. When it became too difficult to simply rely on our (collective) memory to quickly retrieve a case, we decided to keep track of them in a more systematic way, using a database.
We thought that this database could be useful to all our IP colleagues in Europe and so we created IPcuria.eu.

We built around three main functionalities :

Latest decisions, referrals and appeals
On the home page, you will find the latest decisions, referrals and appeals. This allows you to quickly know what's new (latest decisions) and what's coming next (latest appeals and questions referred to the Court).

Browsing by categories
If, for example, you need to quickly identify which are the CJEU cases dealing with the concept of individual character in design law, you just need to select the category "Designs", then the subcategory "Art. 6 CDR : Individual character" (see the page here).

Full text searching
If, for example, you need to quickly identify which are the CJEU cases dealing with Adwords, just type the keyword "adwords" in the full text search box (see the page here)