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Obligation to state reasons

Article 36 of the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Judgments shall state the reasons on which they are based. They shall contain the names of the Judges who took part in the deliberations.

10 appeals

Judgment of 18 Jun 2020, C-142/19 (Dovgan v EUIPO)

Judgment of 30 May 2018, C-519/17 (L'Oréal v EUIPO)

Order of 7 Sep 2017, C-218/17 (Natural Instinct v M. I Industries)

Judgment of 27 Oct 2016, C-537/14 (Debonair Trading Internacional)

Order of 14 Apr 2016, C-479/15 (Nanu-Nana Joachim Hoepp v EUIPO)

Order of 14 Apr 2016, C-480/15 (KS Sports v OHIM)

Order of 14 Jan 2016, C-278/15 (Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club v OHIM)

Judgment of 19 Mar 2015, C-182/14 (Mega Brands - MAGNEXT)

Judgment of 17 Oct 2013, C-597/12 (Isdin)

Judgment of 10 May 2012, C-100/11 (Helena Rubinstein)