IP case law Court of Justice

Art. 76(2) CTM Regulation

The Office may disregard facts or evidence which are not submitted in due time by the parties concerned.

6 appeals

Judgment of 28 Jun 2018, C-564/16 (EUIPO v Puma)

Judgment of 30 May 2018, C-85/16 (Tsujimoto v OHIM)

Judgment of 24 Jan 2018, C-634/16 (EUIPO v European Food)

Judgment of 3 Oct 2013, C-122/12 (Rintisch)

Judgment of 18 Jul 2013, C-621/11 (New Yorker SHK Jeans)

Judgment of 13 Mar 2007, C-29/05 (Kaul - ARCOL)